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Posted on 28/12/2022

€ 2 million investment in safety technology

Rombit technology prevents forklift accidents

The collaboration between Van Moer Logistics and Rombit is a first in the sector. The solution is being rolled out for the first time on a large scale in the logistics sector over more than 300 forklift trucks at 10 locations. This makes Van Moer Logistics the first logistic service provider in the port to make an investment of this magnitude with Rombit.

Evert Bulcke, COO Rombit: "The storage and distribution sector is experiencing strong growth. Unfortunately, the number of serious accidents is also growing. New home-grown solutions combine coaching and technology. We are very pleased that Van Moer Logistics invests heavily and thus pioneers worldwide. Once again our country is on the logistic world map."

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20220531 Van Moer Rombit Webres Mats Palinckx 17
20220531 Van Moer Rombit Webres Mats Palinckx 17

Investment in employees

Over the next three years, Van Moer Logistics' forklift trucks will gradually be equipped with Internet of Things (IoT) technology to optimise productivity, safety and quality. We will ensure a safer working environment. And invest in training on the job. Rombit's solutions analyse driving behaviour and coach drivers to work more safely. In addition, the system alerts drivers and pedestrians if a forklift comes too close.

Monitoring and coaching

Specifically, we mount the Rombit anchor on the forklift truck. The anchor records both the vehicle's parameters and dangerous and conspicuous driving behaviour. It simultaneously sends this data to the DriverBox and the platform. The DriverBox assists the driver by immediately sending a small signal on the forklift itself. On a monthly basis, a coach will review the data with the driver and provide guidance where necessary.

Collision prevention

Coaching drivers goes hand in hand with collision prevention. The Rombit wearable communicates with an anchor on the truck via ultra-wideband technology. When a certain distance is not respected, an alarm goes off on both devices. In this way, both the pedestrian and the driver can receive timely notification and a potential accident can be avoided.

Jo Van Moer, Founder & CEO Van Moer Logistics: "We are convinced of the positive effect this technology will have on our operations. It is an efficient way of ensuring safety on the shop floor and stimulating the personal development of our employees."

Safe driving is sustainable driving

We also use the vehicle's parameters to monitor the vehicle's maintenance level. Adapting the driving style also brings economic benefits. An optimised driving style results in less maintenance and energy savings of up to 25%.

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