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Choose a job that challenges you. One that offers great flexibility and freedom. In which you can grow at your own pace. Ready? Set yourself and the world in motion, at the Belgian pioneer in logistics.

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What our employees say

P13332501 min

There is no limit! If Van Moer Logistics is growing, so am I!

Samir Azarkan El Kaddouri - Teamleader

What our employees say


From domestic help to a Van Moer Logistics talent!

Waranya Luangphuang - Customer Service Officer

What our employees say

P13333141 min

I had no experience when I started, but I’ve been given every opportunity here.

Stijn Schenck - Drumming Operator

What our employees say

P1333469 min

I think Van Moer Logistics is one of the few companies where the management is so close to the shop floor.

Lisi Saen - Unit Manager

What our employees say

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At Van Moer Logistics, they’re incredibly concerned. They listen to us.

Joery Van Laeken - Truck driver


Van Moer Logistics

Van Moer Logistics is the Belgian pioneer in transport, distribution, warehousing, and other logistics solutions. We are constantly growing, fiercely ambitious, and always thinking one step ahead. To support our growth, we are continuously looking for new employees.

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