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Posted on 24/01/2023

Truck driver

Choose a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life

If you do what you enjoy, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. It’s a cliché, but what can I say: that’s the feeling I have as a truck driver at Van Moer Logistics.

For 11 years now, I’ve been going out on the road with great pleasure. What always gives me joy, is the appreciation you get. Not only from my own employer but also from my customers.

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At Van Moer Logistics, they’re incredibly concerned. They listen to us.

Respect for every trucker, you feel that

As a truck driver, you get real respect here. Driving a truck through a city centre or manoeuvring it onto a busy construction site requires a lot of skills. I’m proud to say: I built and improved those skills here. For example, driving economically. I focus on that every day. Good for the wallet as well as the environment.

You know, as a trucker, you have a lot of freedom. You see an assignment come up on your screen and, just like that, you’re off again. No one looking over your shoulder. It’s you who decides how to deal with things and solve problems as they come up.

Here they listen to you

But that doesn’t mean you’re left to your own devices, that’s for sure. At Van Moer Logistics, they’re incredibly concerned. They listen to us. They know about our personal situations - whether we’re with one trucker or 700.

You know what really makes a difference? Our big boss has been a driver himself, someone who knows first-hand how challenging it can be at times.

Getting opportunities to grow, also as a driver

During my career at Van Moer Logistics, I worked for a very short time in planning. But I kept itching to get back into the truck. Eventually I just went back to being a truck driver because I missed it too much.

What the future holds? Who knows, maybe I’ll apply for a supervisory job here someday. In fact, there are many more drivers here whose careers have grown significantly. But for now, I’m right where I want to be: behind the wheel of my truck.


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