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Posted on 24/01/2023

Drumming Operator

I walked into Van Moer Logistics 11 years ago as a young guy with no experience. I started out as an operator with an employment agency contract, but since then I’ve served in many different positions.

Today I’m working as a Customer Service Officer, in a white-collar position with a permanent contract. I’m come a long way from being a young, inexperienced guy without too many skills. They gave me great opportunities here - and I grabbed them with both hands, of course.

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I had no experience when I started, but I’ve been given every opportunity here.

Getting opportunities, taking chances

I really enjoy working here. Working for another employer, that’s not necessary for me. The atmosphere in the workplace, the opportunities you get, the way they take your personal situation into account... Some colleagues have really become good friends by now. You blossom here as a person, you learn constantly, you can really do the jobs that suit you. That’s invaluable.

But make no mistake, it’s a story of give and take. My young daughter has autism, so I sometimes have to stay at home longer in the afternoons. Of course, I make up for that afterwards. Then I work a bit harder or stay a little longer. Because I want to and because it’s also a matter of trust.

I not only work here, I also really believe in the company

Not only do I work here, I really believe Van Moer Logistics is a good, reliable employer. That’s why I even brought my sister into the company. You only do that when you know it’s good here, right?

What I also appreciate is the rewards system they have here. You can earn points if you meet certain goals. For example: keeping your workplace clean, which is checked every month. That’s how you can collect points. And if you’ve saved up enough points, you can buy really nice things with them. I’ve already managed to pick up some cool stuff that way!

Secure in your job and your future

So I came in with no experience, as a blue-collar worker, as an operator. But I’ve always felt secure in my job, and they’ve given me every opportunity to move ahead. Now, I have a white-collar position with a permanent contract. Every day here is different. But one thing you know for sure: if I give my best for Van Moer Logistics, they’ll do their best to support me.


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