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Posted on 24/01/2023

Unit Manager

Once your blue heart starts to beat, it never stops

Lisi Saen has been with Van Moer Logistics since 2016. She progressed from being Operations Coordinator to Shift Manager, eventually evolving to become a Business Unit Manager at the Brasil warehouse.

What makes Van Moer Logistics special? “I think Van Moer Logistics is one of the few companies where the management is so close to the shop floor.”

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I think Van Moer Logistics is one of the few companies where the management is so close to the shop floor.

With the right spirit, you get all the opportunities

“What I like most about my job? The variety! Also the cooperation with the customers. It’s a challenge though: you have to make sure things go well. Sometimes it can be quite busy as well. But you can always rely on the people around you. You’re never left on your own.”

“Of course, everything doesn’t run perfectly all the time. Maybe some people like it that way. But I’m someone who needs a challenge. That feeling of: we have to do even better here. If an issue arises, I want to resolve it as quickly as possible using as few resources as possible. Solving problems, that’s what I enjoy. And Van Moer Logistics really offers me that challenge.”

Teamwork: the beating heart of Van Moer Logistics

“The management really knows you well. They are very interested in who you are, they know your name and are always ready for a nice chat. They don’t just sit behind their desks. If there’s a problem, they’re on the shop floor with us, working with us to solve the issue. They come and help organise things or climb into the forklift themselves to help. You don’t often see that in larger companies.”

“I think that’s one of the reasons we’ve been able to grow in such a short time. Teamwork, that’s the beating heart of Van Moer Logistics. Everyone does their bit, from the management to the cleaning staff. Every link in the chain is important.”

Working at a pace that suits your life

“What I also find unique: here, they also take your private life into account. Your story really counts. When personal circumstances prevented me from working shifts, they immediately helped me to find a solution. That’s how I then ended up in my current job.”

“This motivates me a lot. We also encourage each other on the shop floor. If you’re having a bad day, people ask you how you’re doing. And then we say:

‘C’mon, get your blue heart beating again!’ Working here has taught me: once your blue Van Moer heart starts to beat, it never stops.”

Apply today and get your blue heart beating

Wondering how hard your blue heart can beat? Find out for yourself: come work at Van Moer Logistics.


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