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Posted on 15/02/2023


I can safely say: while working here, I’ve become much better at my job. I’ve done internships, followed trainings, obtained certificates... I’ve been here for five years now, but I still want to develop my career further. Climb upwards. Because there is no limit! If Van Moer Logistics is growing, so am I!

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There is no limit! If Van Moer Logistics is growing, so am I!

Van Moer Logistics, it’s where I feel at home

As an operator in the Brasil warehouse, I make sure everything is loaded and unloaded properly. I’ve been Team Leader since last year, so I’m now supervising about five colleagues. I really enjoy doing this, the time flies because I enjoy my job so much. I’ve worked in other companies before that do pretty much the same thing. But it wasn’t until I started at Van Moer Logistics that I really felt I belonged somewhere.

They make your life easier

That’s because I never feel like I’m just a number here. Not only do I get opportunities to learn, but they also take our situation into account. I have a family and young children. You can always count on flexibility with the shifts you work. They do everything they can to make our lives easier in that sense. The atmosphere among the colleagues is also very good, that’s naturally important as well.

Working with top-notch equipment

The work we do is potentially quite difficult, but because we always help each other and work with top-notch equipment, it’s much easier than expected. This really makes a difference. Because when they invest in the right machines, they’re also investing in the people here. And that’s exactly how it is.

Just a really great job!

I definitely recommend people to come and work here. People listen to you, you get every opportunity to get better at your job, you learn new things and follow trainings, the atmosphere on the shop floor is fantastic... It’s just a really great job. What more can you want, right?


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