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Posted on 15/02/2023

Customer Service Officer - Waranya

As Customer Service Officer, my job is to check the warehouse stock. What comes in, what goes out... I’m constantly dealing with customers. And if problems arise, I solve them. The materials that come in here are very diverse.

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From domestic help to a Van Moer Logistics talent!

A great career switch

Before this, I used to do something completely different: I worked as a domestic help with elderly people. That was also a very nice job, but it didn’t really suit my personality. I got to know of Van Moer Logistics through a friend. I applied for a job and joined immediately.

I actually had no experience in this sector, but I like working in administration. That was also one of my subjects at school. I like to organise things. I just find transportation quite fascinating.

Fun colleagues

In my previous job, I had little contact with my colleagues. That’s a world apart from how it is now. There are about ten of us colleagues and it’s just a lot of fun. They’ve become a kind of family. I don’t feel like it’s a big company here either. It’s very easy-going here. We help one another when necessary, everyone is kind to each other. Of course, we take our job seriously, but we also laugh a lot!

At Van Moer Logistics, they also do a lot to create a nice atmosphere. They organise a fun staff party, a hike, they sometimes participate in a marathon - all of this really helps bring colleagues closer together.

I really enjoy working here

I’m actually pretty satisfied. If there are opportunities to grow further, I’d be happy to discuss that. But actually, I’m fine where I am. I like the stability. Although I do want to follow some more trainings in the future. But that’s also possible here. It’s just fun to work here.

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